Experienced & Licensed Pet Sitter, House Sitter, Dog Walker, Daycare and Groomer

I provide:

A lot of TLC

Daily walks

Up to 3 visits per day if necessary

Mail and newspapers retrieval

Indoor/outdoor plant care

Alternating the lights

Fresh water and food at each visit

Any brushing or bathing

Putting out trash and/or recycling bins

Litter box cleanup and outside yard clean up
Groom certain breeds

Taking to veterinarian visits

Administering shots or medication (I can provide vaccines such as 5 in 1 and Bordetella)
*Superior services
*Affordable Prices  
                                                 Begging Doggy
Begging Doggy


I Accept Domestic and Exotic


About me:

I live in Gilbert Arizona and I love animals. My mission is to provide your home, and most importantly your pets, reliable, affordable tender-loving care. I have raised all kinds of animals personally, such as horses, goats, sheep, ducks, guinea hens, peacocks, chickens, cows, birds, fish, dogs, cats and reptiles. I am a true animal lover and treat them as family. I also have recognized the overwhelming need and benefits for pets to be taken care of in the comfort and security of their own home or roam free without dogs run on my property. I offer a much healthier and secure alternative, whether you are working long hours or going on vacation.

I can take care of your animals in my home if preferred. I have 1 1/2 acres of land, all fenced in, well shaded, doggy pool, doggy door with access to an air conditioned/heated Arizona room and the house, with 2 pugs and a small mixed dog to share, plus a wonderful indoor cat that enjoys company. *Space is limited.

I offer Daycare as an option for those that work long hours and for those dogs that just need a playdate.  *Space is limited


Prices start as little as $10


Call 480-507-0522


Areas Serviced-Gilbert, Chandler, Queen Creek, Mesa and Tempe Arizona